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Happy 125th, Lavallette!

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The Borough of Lavallette celebrated its 125th anniversary on Sunday. Beloved resident Joy Grosko was the grand marshal,|Photo by JOSEPH J. DELCONZO, STAR NEWS GROUP

The Borough of Lavallette celebrated its 125th anniversary on Sunday. Beloved resident Joy Grosko was the grand marshal, Photo by JOSEPH J. DELCONZO, STAR NEWS GROUP

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Borough celebrates 125 years since its 1887 incorporation

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By Colleen King

LAVALLETTE — The barrier island Borough of Lavallette has something special to celebrate this year: The 125th anniversary since its incorporation in 1887.

On Sunday, Lavallette held a parade and day of activities to commemorate the milestone.

Longtime resident and dedicated volunteer Joy Grosko was the parade’s grand marshal.

“Isn’t this great? It’s been a pleasure all the way,” Mrs. Grosko told the crowd at the parade.

“This is such a homey, arms-around-everybody place, and that’s how we want it to stay. Thank you,” Mrs. Grosko added.

Local representatives of the Regular Republican Club of Lavallette, the Lavallette Voters and Taxpayers, the Lavallette Business Association, the Lavallette Elementary School students and staff, as well as many other organizations marched in the parade on Sunday. For the full story see page 21.

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So happy and proud to call Lavallette home, again.

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